What we are trying to solve

Beauty browsing is fun. But, it can be a lot of work, when you actually need to find that one great product out of thousands that exist. Beauty consumers like you are limited to doing your own time-consuming research to get the beauty insight you need prior to purchase. This could lead to generic and incompatible insight. At Peau, we are determined to make the process of exploring beauty products personalized and fast.

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Why community?

Our research shows that beauty consumers trust the experience of peers over everything else … so let’s share that knowledge to empower and educate the beauty community on what works well for their features.


Get personalized beauty advice

Forget the long line ups in-store!

Start a conversation with a real beauty user who actually relates to your beauty struggles like “how to cream contour”.


No more platform hopping!

Bye bye multiple tabs!

Say “farewell” to the multiple tabs of research for that one highlighter and say “hello” to the all-integrated Peau community!


Available online & 24/7 for you

Want that 3AM lipstick advice?

Get insight online at anytime of the day with any user from worldwide.

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How does it work?




Complete your personal profile

Fill out a short quiz about your facial features and skin characteristics.



Explore your feed

Find others just like you who can share their compatible beauty advice about product recommendation, great looks or their favourite routines.



Then feed others’ feed

After browsing for products, share your wisdom with the beauty community by building your routines, sharing your daily looks, and “spill the tea” on some products must-haves and definitely-nots.

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